1946 Westcraft Westwood Montecito

Already hurt by the Great Depression, any remnants of a travel-trailer industry had resources allocated towards the Second World War. A gaping hole in the RV/MH Hall of Fame’s inventory from ’37 to ’46 drives this point home.

It wasn’t until the post-war economic up-swing that the industry not only recovered, but experienced rapid growth too. From DYI kits to small manufacturers, only a few standouts like Airstream, Boles Aero, and Westcraft took root by producing high-quality units — and establishing agreed upon safety guidelines. At the beginning of the economic boom, production numbers were low as facilities struggled to keep up with demand.

That makes this 1946 Westwood Montecito, serial number M5277, manufactured by Westcraft in Los Angeles, CA. a rare bird.

This is what Tincantourist has to say:

There are only 2 or 3 known ’46 Westwood trailers to still be in existence, and none of them are in very good condition…

Referred to as a “bread loaf” by collectors, this Westwood predates trolley-top Westcrafts and uses a wood frame instead of the later aluminum ribs. The fact that gnawing critters, hungry termites, and natural decomposition hasn’t reduced this nearly eighty-year-old ‘loaf into a pile of crumbs and scat is nothing short of a miracle.

These trailers are such an iconic shape and piece of Americana that Timeless Travel Trailers in Wheat Ridge, Colorado reproduces Westcrafts. The expertly-manufactured replicas are favorites of food vendors and other distinctive applications like a fine Mobile Cigar Lounge in Phoenix.

On this Montecito, everything is original to the forties, excluding two antique florescent lights — and an interior paint job. The second owner shares that this is the way it was when his family first acquired it. From the floor to functioning outlets to the ice chest and range — a lack of restoration and update attempts since the sixties allowed this vintage Westcraft to acquire a priceless verdigris.

This trailer is available, and open to offers. Contact us for more information.

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