1955 Airstream Bubble — SOLD

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Not only does this 1955 Airstream Bubble have the desirable 9-panel whale tail, its 242 serial number places it very close on the Norwalk assembly line to Wally Byam’s infamous #X251. Close enough, in fact, we’ll confidently say this trailer shared panel tooling with the experimental Magnesium-framed trailer that charted Byam’s European Airstream Caravan route behind a Volkswagen Beetle.

In its sixty-year lifespan, this early Bubble acquired a desert discoloration that’s rarely seen, and often lost to overzealous polishers. It’s also picked up a period-correct aftermarket rear door – that, while most likely not an Airstream option, is an interesting and potential-rich feature. We’re envisioning a slide-out kitchen, or out-door bedroom/tent/screen room, or wine/spirit bar, or merchandise display… the possibilities are endless.

Unlike the rear door, an option from Airstream was to order these lightweight trailers empty — which is how this 16ft Bubble appears to be. There are no existing mounting points for cabinets, dinette, or bed, which leads us to believe this Bubble was ordered as a shell. Most original fixtures (interior and exterior lights) have been either stripped or replaced at some time, and the windows all need to be rebuilt.

This 1955 Airstream Bubble is far from complete, but with a little attention it’ll be a real traffic generator. Contact us for price and restoration quotes.

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