Fully embodying the prominent streamlining-attitude of the fifties, this ’55 Boles Aero Mira Mar might not have the household name that some vintage trailers own. But, to those in the know, a Boles Aero is much more than just another rough-edged Canned Ham.

In fact, Tincantourists sums it up nicely in their extensive Boles-Aero Travel Trailer History:

Boles trailers, however, are amongst the best built and most beautifully finished trailers ever produced…due mainly to the continuity in the companies’ ownership and the unwavering commitment to quality.

Throughout Boles Aero’s 35 year existence, Don and Jeanette Boles exclusively ensured trailers with their name wouldn’t be compromised by bean counters and fiberboard. On that topic, it’s worth pointing out that Don Boles championed strict industry standards for safety and quality. Again, from Tincantourists:

…[Boles] was instrumental in the lengthy and very political undertaking of getting one set of national standards approved and enforced by the various associations. For his many contributions to the RV industry over his lengthy career, Don Boles was elected to the RV/MH Hall of Fame…

That approach to excellence-first is clear before entering a Boles Aero. When you lay a hand on the door handle of this 20-foot, single-axle trailer, a precision latching mechanism and solid casting is a welcome change of pace from notoriously finicky Airstream door handles.

Once inside the Mira Mar, that theme continues with intricate, thumb-operated cabinet latches which, after sixty some-odd years, still function flawlessly. In modern times, these pieces would’ve been replaced by cheap spring-loaded clasps with brittle plastic buttons that save manufacturers a buck — but pass future costs and headaches on to the consumer.

Produced in Burbank, CA, Boles Aero trailers shared construction techniques with other premium all-aluminum trailers of the time; aircraft-quality aluminum walls riveted to an aluminum frame. Where the Boles differentiates itself is in the interior where finely crafted birch-wood is warmly inviting and quality fixtures throughout drive the point home that these vintage trailers are something special.

A queen-sized bed with pillow top mattress at the rear comfortably sleeps two while, at the front dinette, a fold down table turns into a single 80in x 36in bed. For the kitchen, a fully operational four-burner Dixie stove with oven and newer Dometic Classic 2-Way (LP/120V AC) fridge with freezer ensure convenience on the road. Finally, an operational LP heater, water heater, and loo completes this mid-century Mira Mar’s conveniences.