1956 Dalton — SOLD

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Manufactured in El Monte, California during the height of the travel trailer boom, this 1956 Dalton is a welcome non-Shasta, Scotty, or Terry step back in time. Of the nearly twenty companies producing camp trailers between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers, Dalton was a short lived flame in a volatile and competitive industry.

In business for only six years, it’s impossible to say how many units were pumped out of the Dalton factory. But, given the number of aforementioned manufacturers crowding Vintage Trailer Rallies vs. Daltons, it’s safe to say not many. This single-axle, 15-foot bodied Dalton has seen better days, however it’s not without potential. The awesome curved cabinets above the galley are serviceable, and its vintage travel-trailer hardware and components have avoided certain death by a late-century remodel.

As it sits, the Dalton’s running lights work and the tires are safe for transport. The exterior aluminum is rough, with many questionable fixes and the front window is missing. Inside, water damage shows it’s face in the usual canned-ham places. All in all, this trailer needs a full rebuild, which is something we specialize in, or something that a competent DYI could tackle. In fact, here’s a completed one for reference.

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