1956 Shasta 1400

Unlike most campers from fifties that roll into our shop, this 1956 Shasta 1400 had avoided any major repairs throughout its nearly seventy years of existence. That’s a good thing as most have gone under the knife with fixes that often cause more damage than good.

Just about everything original to these campers is still intact on this Shasta 1400. Fixtures like the gas lamp and all window hardware are still present, and appliances like the Princess stove are completely functioning and in great shape.

Vintage Shasta Camper

Even the original floor has surprisingly survived the years, which if they’re still there, are often worn through, lifting, and separated from the sub-floor. What hadn’t endured, as expected unless these canned ham campers are kept in a climate controlled garage, is some of the original wood components.

vintage shasta

We carefully removed the original aluminum exterior skin to preserve it for re-install. Normally we discourage saving skin because it’d become so compromised that re-using makes it hard to guarantee against future water intrusion. However, the novel factory paint including the hand painted logos, was still present, and the skin had not seen multiple removals in the past, so we went ahead and saved it.

Vintage Shasta
vintage shasta camper

Along with the updated insulation, the Shasta also received all-new wiring. The end result is a fully functioning vintage Shasta camper that looks original, but is hiding modern insulation and wiring.