1960 Rainbow Canned Ham

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With the most significant damage to occur over a forty-year span being a large scar on its Princess stove from an unsecured mountain bike, it’s safe to say this sixties Rainbow Trout enjoyed life under a caring owner.

But that’s not to say it wasn’t showing the tell tale signs of a well used vintage camper, including ever-present water intrusion. Which, if you’re unaware of what that means for an old canned ham, or any vintage trailer for that matter, is disintegration and rot. The wood framing and the metal chassis tends to disappear – and what is left are materials the state of California would never allow on the market today.

We’ve replaced all the rot, and missing pieces to give this Rainbow the structure that’ll provide its faithful owners with decades of camping adventure. During the renovation, we saved in-tact interior components, including the Princess stove, and reconstructed the essential chassis and walls. Finally we covered it with new aluminum skin and fresh paint.

The end result’s a gas-lantern warmed vintage camper that glows on the outside as well as the inside.


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