1961 Airstream Bambi — SOLD

Best described as a burn victim — and we’re not talking about the kind that requires ladder trucks and an EMS squad — when this vintage Airstream Bambi arrived at Reparadise, the only logical explanation for its shape could be poor decisions fueled by mind-altering substances.

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What other reason would someone spray paint this unfortunate 1961 Bambi’s outlets, lights, and vents day-glow green and florescent purple? Thankfully that hot-mess is no more, and erasing the bad trip is completely new, 22g aluminum lower interior walls and a ceiling that’s received three coats of white multi-surface acrylic.

Before addressing the interior walls, however, we removed this vintage Airstream’s floors and stopped fifty years of oxidation with POR15. The aerodynamic bottom skin was also patched and sealed, followed with new bubble insulation and a 3/4in exterior-plywood subfloor. On top of that is a Dragon Skin Waterproof Membrane with, finally, a Traffic Master Allure Brazillian Cherry floating floor to complete this Bambi’s under-foot experience.

The end product’s a water-resistant, minimal maintenance, and highly durable surface that’ll last longer than the original. It also happens to look really good. Like the undercarriage, this Bambi’s walls are now separated by bubble Insulation that’s sealed with aluminum tape to provide an excellent R-value. Which will help it maintain comfortable temperatures in aired deserts or during chilly high-alpine nights. To keep you and the Bambi out of harms way when traveling to those places, the braking system has received extensive attention.

This includes a new backing plate, hardware, and pads that stop against freshly turned drums. Exterior lighting is equally important for safety, and this vintage airstream’s nice and bright with new internally routed wiring that’s complimented by modern marker and taillights whose design is correct to this vintage camper’s era.

Other highlights of this 1961 Bambi is a new seven-pin trailer hookup, tongue jack, and propane-tank tray. It also has an original torsoin beam axle with shocks, one of the more desirable options for tow-ability. With that covered, what’s left is interior accoutrements … of which, there is none. Like its previous owners mind, this vintage Bambi’s an empty void.

And, that means it’s up to the next owner to decide which direction this refreshed Bambi goes. From an inviting family weekender or an office for the traveling professional, the possibilities for this 1961 Bambi are limitless.  Contact Reparadise for more information.

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