1970 Shasta Compact — SOLD

First registered in 1970 (and proudly wearing its original Missouri plate) this Shasta Compact accommodates a family of four and measures 13ft long by 7ft wide. Which makes maneuvering, set-up, and storing a breeze.

However, once inside, a clever layout using a fold-away bunk and easy-to-move table creates enough space to both sleep and seat a nuclear family. Enhanced with a reclaimed cedar floor and front counter, the interior of this iconic winged trailer was updated by the previous owner — a certified historic home restorer.

During that time the exterior also received an extensive refresh including a durable epoxy paint job and the re-sealing of windows, doors, eyebrows, drip rails, and access ports. Back to the interior, most recent updated appliances include an all new sink, two-burner Atwood stove, and top-of-the-line Olympic heater.

For water systems, a new 15-gallon tank, pump, lines, in-line filter and hide-a-way external spray hose ensure functionality and capacity for a weekend getaway. Feeding the stove and heater are fresh LP lines and two new propane tanks. On the electric side of things, a new deep-cycle battery and 12 volt fuse block power the water pump and interior lights.

This 1970 Shasta Compact retains its original glass, cushions, drop down bunk, ice chest, screens, and latches. The exterior lights are all updated and functioning, most recently this trailer pulled 1,700 miles without a single issue. It is seven-and-a-half feet high with a 63in track and sits about one foot off the ground.

From the end of the Shasta’s golden era, this Compact Trailer is ready to be pulled behind any late sixties truck/muscle car/station wagon to the local vintage meet or behind the modern SUV for family vacations in something more unique, and convenient, then a tent.

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