Airstream Tradewind

Like many seventies Airstreams, this Tradewind needed a full overhaul. Starting with the rough outside, we replaced damaged panels and patched numerus holes from defunct appliances. Following that, our polishing experts brought the Tradewind exterior up to a true five-step, mirror-quality finish.

We also upgraded the axles to new Dexter torsion units, that’ll hold up to the weight associated with this camper’s future in the service industry. To facilitate serving the public, we fabricated a four-by-nine foot window on the non-curbside of the trailer. The custom opening uses the Tradewind’s original exterior skin, including existing windows, and perfectly matches the factory curves.

Custom Airstream Window
Custom Airstream
Aistream Opening Side

This makes the Airstream a bit of a sleeper (a term used in the auto industry for something that’s more than it appears) as it is hard to tell there’s a large service window, until it’s opened. The original Airstream windows also allow natural light through, making the serving area feel spacious. Built to order, this Airstream will be delivered as is for final appliance installation at the destination.