1962 Unimog 404

The current owner purchased this 1962 Mercedes Benz Unimog 404 in December 2018 with just over 12,000 miles on the clock. A gasoline-powered 2.2-liter inline-six pushes power through a 6-speed [...]

Service Windows

What’s the Big Deal? You cut a hole in a vintage trailer, then you put a lid on it, right? More than just about any other feature, service windows cause headaches because they create a number of [...]

Sprinter Van Builds

Camper Van Upfits by Reparadise  2017 Overland Sprinter 4×4: This was the first major Sprinter build by Reparadise and a shop favorite. Our team packed countless upgrades and features [...]

Reparadise Van Builds

Ford Econoline Camper Vans How we got started: Way back in 2013 we replaced the canvas and re-skinned the top on a mid ’80s Chevy Astro with a Tiger Camper. This was the first van we worked on. [...]

Virtual Tours

For every major restoration in our portfolio, we always share build images to show how extensive the work is… we like to think it gives the DYI’er and future clients some insight into [...]


When fixing/restoring/working on things, there are expectations… Ripping sweet snow bike lines is one of them This is our RAD lead carpenter shredding last year on his snow bike…yes, [...]

We are Utah

Look for the latest issue of We Are Utah for a highlight on Camper Reparadise. The piece written by Kendra, our very own office ninja and contributing blogger, touches on the history, culture, [...]

Reparadise Socks!!!1!

As outdoor enthusiasts, performance socks have always been an important part of our gear collection. To keep our feet happy in the shop and out in the hills, we had Sockguy toss the Reparadise [...]

Video Content

To bring some fresh content to our website, and to provide another perspective into the camper-based products we build, we’ve been working with a videographer. To kick things off, [...]

We’re Hiring

In order to keep up with demand, and to grow our business, Camper Reparadise is looking for a highly qualified fabricator with experience in the custom automotive or marine industries. This [...]

Happy Holidays

It’s been over a year since setting up shop in our new location, and we’ve made it through the rapids. To celebrate, Camper Reparadise kicked off the launch of Streamline Aluminum [...]

Moving on up

Early in 2013, Brandon backed the first Vintage Airstream into our humble Poplar Grove location. At that moment, this 5,000 square foot building felt sufficient for our needs. We worked hard to [...]

Four Months Later

  Here at Camper Repardise, we’ve recently completed a few units worth mentioning; A custom Airstream Overlander, a restored 1960 Mobil Scout, and a modified-for-the-service-industry [...]

Jeepers Creepers

[singlepic id=604 w= h= float=center] When Brandon launched Reparadise, as expected for any start up, there were many holes in the tool department. One gaping void was the lack of a creeper [...]

The Alaskan Camper

Originally named Alcan, after the infamous stretch of road connecting Alaska to the continental United States of America, the story behind the first telescoping camper is a fascinating one. [...]


Once famous for sweet onions, a burgeoning wine industry now casts a prominent grapevine-shadow over Walla Walla’s celebrated crop. [singlepic id=377 w= h= float=center] This reputation started [...]

Just a Musher

“Dream big, dare to fail” is a quote from Colonel Norman D. Vaughan, a Harvard dropout, presidential inauguration gate-crasher, and dog musher. The wiki’s give a good summary of his badass-ness, [...]

Vintage Trailer Axles

[singlepic id=237 w= h= float=center] As outdoor enthusiast and purveyors of all-things camping, Conqueror Australia’s Urban Escape Vehicles have captured our attention on more than one occasion. [...]

Second Sunday in May

[singlepic id=224 w= h= float=center] Imagine, for a moment, a camper which lacks the feminine touch. It’d be an uninviting, dank and dark, sportsman’s cave with an aroma surprisingly [...]

Le Diable Rouge

[singlepic id=220 w= h= float=center] Airstreams and bicycles have a long-standing relationship, dating to when Alfred Latourneau used one to pull a ’47 Caravan. Which, given his [...]