Hydroponics Container Concept

It’s no secret, shipping containers are plentiful and very useful outside of their original oceangoing-intentions. From make-shift pools to container homes, their utility transcends intended purpose. One of which is a climate-controlled Food Computer aimed at revolutionizing the agricultural industry.

From concept to delivery, we worked closely with a branding agency, Young Jenkins, to produce a container fit to launch Fenome, an offshoot of MIT Media Lab’s Open Agriculture Initiative. The container is a working product demonstration intended to display the technology and potential of a self-contained agriculture computer.

Part of the design included adding large windows to showcase the vegetation inside, which required extensive engineering and metal fabrication to ensure structural integrity. Before delivery to Fenome, the container went to a shipping yard for testing with cranes and fork lifts. We also addressed the single-wall issue of containers (climate sensitivity) by adding lightweight ribs and aluminum walls, then insulating with closed-cell foam… the same way we restore Airstreams and other vintage campers.

We did leave the computer-controlled climate and farm robotics up-to the specialist, but did set the shipping container up with an RV A/C unit, A/C load center, Shore power, and house lighting.