Agile Ride Improvement Package (cool guys call it the RIP Kit)


Sprinter An Suspension Upgrade

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As you upgrade your Sprinter, it gets heavier. Before too long, you’re driving around in an “empty” van that has reached its Gross Vehicle Weight Limit. Your suspension wasn’t designed to handle that. The van will be uncomfortable and handle badly. The Agile Ride Improvement Package (RIP) is the solution.

This is not a lift kit. Lift kits only add ground clearance. This kit improves ride and handling performance in a van that’s much heavier than it was when the original suspension was installed. The basic RIP Kit includes a complete suspension upgrade—front and rear springs and shocks. It also includes wheel spacers for larger wheels and longer stainless steel rear brake lines to compensate for the added suspension height. Additional upgrades are available.

If you’ve added camper components to your van and have noticed that the ride has suffered, you should consider the Agile Ride Improvement Package. Also, if you’re planning a conversion for your Sprinter and you want to do it right, you should figure the cost of the Agile Ride Improvement Package into your budget. This kit is customizable, contact us to spec your suspension kit and get a quote for install.

Kit Includes:

  • Front coil over conversion kit
  • Agile tuned Fox 2.0 IFP rear shocks
  • Custom rear leaf springs
  • Wheel spacers (4)
  • Longer stainless steel rear brake lines (to accommodate lift) (2)


  • Bilstein B6 front struts
  • Koni adjustable front struts
  • Agile tuned Fox 2.0 Reservoir rear shocks
  • Koni FSD rear shocks

Additional information

Weight 300 lbs