Angled Aluminum L-Track


Aluminum Angled L-Track for securing cargo, bikes or anything else that needs securing in your van, camper or RV


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Aluminum Angled L-Track

Since people started using their vans and trailers as homes-on-wheels, space has presented the main challenge. Builders have learned to use every inch of room inside their vehicles to lash and store belongings. They’ve also learned that anything needs to be secured inside the vehicle or it will wind up all over the floor. A durable, low-profile tie-down system like aluminum L-track is worth its weight in gold for professional and DIY camper builders.


Aluminum L-Track, also known as Airline Track, checks all the boxes. For decades, airlines have used this L-track style fitting to secure seats in airplanes. The fact that it’s trusted by airplane manufacturers to secure passengers — whatever size they are — inside an airplane speaks to its strength and durability. One “typical American” bouncing off the ceiling of a commercial airliner because of faulty equipment could spell a huge lawsuit.


The use of L-track in airplanes also speaks to its light weight. It needs to be. The weight of 12 or more strips of metal running the length of an airliner can get heavy in a hurry. Airplanes can’t afford to be heavy. Low weight is also important in RVs, overland vehicles, campers, and camp trailers. Excess weight hurts gas mileage and raises the center of gravity. Aluminum L-track’s low weight makes it ideal in this application.

Angled Aluminum L-Track Profile

Another benefit of L-track is its low profile. In an application where space comes at a premium, L-track uses almost none. Secured to a flat surface, L-track takes up almost no space at all, but multiple lash points per foot make its storage potential limitless. Aluminum L-track’s amazing strength makes it ideal for lashing heavy items to the floor, walls, or even ceiling of a camp trailer.

Aluminum L-track is sold by the foot. Be sure to pick up a little extra and some straps and fittings.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
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