Custom RV and Camper Mattress

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Nothing beats a good nights sleep when you’re  out exploring the world in a home on wheels. Lucky for you Reparadise makes custom mattresses of all sizes, perfect for replacing not so great stock RV mattress or as an addition to your expedition camper build, Airstream , curved small space , or any other mattress application you might have. Three standard thicknesses – 6″ foam core , best for Overland, Canned Ham, Trailers and Sprinters. 6-9″ foam core with curved corners for those curvy spaces and 10″-14″ spring loaded  King square corners for your Airstream, RV or larger space to help keep the weight down.

Manufactured locally using top-quality products to ensure  longevity and comfort. Not to mention you’re  going to add some longevity to your adventure by getting the rejuvenating sleep you need.  Looking for a new mattress to replace your old, worn-out one in your RV, camper or small space? Reparadise can custom fit your mattress to suit your needs by size, length , thickness and materials upon request.  For pricing please contact the Reparadise team.

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6" Foam Core, 6"-9" Foam Core, 10"-14" Spring Core