Custom RV, Camp Trailer, & Camper Mattress

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Custom RV & Camper Mattreses

When you’re on an adventure, there’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep. You don’t want to remember your trip to Yosemite as that week of endless back pain. You don’t want to think of your Niagara Falls road trip every time you feel like a zombie because of insomnia. And you don’t want to remember your road trip to Key West every time your sky-high insurance bill arrives. However, it can be tough to find quality camper mattresses that fit well in you RV or camp trailer. Rest easy — as usual, the good folks at Reparadise have you covered. 

Custom Mattresses from Reparadise

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep when you’re out exploring the world in a home on wheels. Lucky for you, Reparadise makes custom mattresses of all sizes. They’re perfect for replacing not-so-great stock RV mattress or as an addition to your expedition camper build, Airstream, curved small space, or any other mattress application you might have. Our camper mattresses come in three standard thicknesses. 6″ foam core is best for Overland, Canned Ham, Trailers and Sprinters. 6-9″ foam core with curved corners works in those curvy spaces. 10″-14″ spring-loaded King helps keep the weight down in your Airstream, RV or larger space.

Custom-Fit, Locally Made

Our mattresses are manufactured locally using top-quality products to ensure longevity and comfort. Looking for a new mattress to replace the old, smelly rat’s nest in your RV, camper or small space? Reparadise can custom fit camper mattresses to suit your needs by size, length, thickness, and materials upon request.

Contact Us for Your Custom Mattresses

We have the good night’s sleep you’re looking for in stock at the shop. For pricing, give us a call or shoot us an email. Every mattress is different, so we’ll need to get a few specifics from you before we can give you a price. Whatever it is, being able to sleep during your next adventure will be worth it. 

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 60 × 8 in

6" Foam Core, 6"-9" Foam Core, 10"-14" Spring Core