Dometic 2-Burner Sink/Stove Combination with Glass Lid

$750.00 $550.00



Camp-trailer outfitters have become extremely innovative with space-saving appliances, and Dometic is among the best. Over the past few years, the Dometic 2-Burner Sink / Stove Combo has moved onto our short list of go-to camp trailer appliances. Dometic managed to cram 2 burners and a sink into an area barely large enough for most camper sinks. Not only that, Dometic added a flush glass countertop so the sink doesn’t cost you any space when you aren’t using it.

Dometic equipped the LP-Gas-fueled burners with an electric ignition for convenience. The left burner is 5900 BTU and the right burner is 3700 BTU. Dometic employs its JetFlow technology, which burns hotter than competitor models and consumes about 33% less fuel. If you love inefficient stoves that take up too much space and run out of fuel to soon you’re going to hate the Dometic 2-Burner Sink / Stove Combo.


  • Electric Ignition
  • Easy-to-clean detachable pan grids
  • Includes siphon & rubber seal
  • Heat-resistant safety glass lid doubles as extra workspace
  • Electric ignition system
  • 5900 BTU / 3700 BTU burners
  • Input voltage (DC) 12 V