Dometic AC542 Fold-Down Faucet with Hoses

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Dometic has earned a stellar reputation for its camp trailer appliances and attachments. They build everything you need to turn your van or trailer into a home on wheels. Most of Dometic’s sinks boast a lightweight compact design and feature a flip-up, heat-resistant lid to increase counter space. To operate properly, the lid requires a fold-down faucet, and we’ve been using Dometic’s AC542 Faucet for this application due to it’s robust construction.

Playing “house’ with plastic toys should be left to the kids…

Using brass and steel for the faucet construction with a high quality marine-grade chrome finish, the AC542 only relies on plastic for some internal components — unlike many of the less expensive options out there, where plastic with an easy-to-flake off chrome finish is used extensively on the spout, handle, and base. When we’re using our campers we want solid components that do not feel like a compromise, that’s what you get when going the cheap route. In fact, this RV faucet reminds us of the quality and feel of fixtures found in campers during the ’50s and early ’60s, before planned obsolescence and omnipresent cost-cutting turned RV products from the seventies to present day into dumpster food. 

The faucet comes with hot and cold hose fittings, but the hot line can be capped off if only cold is desired. The required hole cutout size is between 1-5/16 and 1-1/2 inches. You’ll want to pick up 1/2in NTP Male fittings to adapt your plumbing to the AC542 Faucet. 

The AC542 is designed to fit the MO8322R cooktop and the VA8005 sink, and the combo sink and range, and many other brands.  It will not fit all Dometic cooktop/sinks, so check your openings for proper size.


  • Fold-down faucet neatly folds away when not in use
  • Steel & plastic construction
  • Chrome finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes hoses for both hot & cold connections — 1/2″ male fittings
  • 1-year warranty

Reparadise Installs:

1962 Unimog

2018 Sprinter 4×4

1991 Alaskan Camper

1978 VW Type 2

2015 Ford Transit


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