Dometic CE2000 Round Sink

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The Dometic CE2000 Round Sink will make you feel like a schoolgirl.


When was the last time you stopped in your kitchen or galley to admire the high-quality luster of your stainless-steel accoutrements? Never? That’s because your kitchen sucks. You failed to adorn your kitchen with the irresistible lure of Dometic quality appliances, like the CE2000 Round Sink. This is one sink that changes everything.

Dometic CE2000: Pure Beauty

What can be said about the Dometic CE2000 Round Sink that hasn’t already been said about the Guggenheim Museum, the Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde supersonic passenger jet airliner, or the Jaguar E-Type Series 1? The sink is breathtakingly beautiful. You’re probably thinking “None of the examples above are nearly as beautiful as the Dometic CE2000 Round Sink.” You’re absolutely right, but we couldn’t find examples of anything as beautiful, so we did our best.


As the name implies, the Round Sink is round. That’s the genius of Dometic. Round objects have fewer corners than square, rectangular, or rhomboid ones. That makes them easier to clean. That’s the reason mathematicians invented the circle and it’s the reason the Round Sink is round.

Dometic CE2000: Stainless Steel Round Sink

In addition to its circularness, the Dometic CE2000 Round Sink is made with purest stainless steel. It won’t rust, it’s difficult to stain, and it’s easy to clean — all great qualities in a sink.

What? A Lid, Too?!?!

That’s right. The Dometic CE2000 Round Sink isn’t just a hole for your cat to fall into. It comes equipped with a glass lid, so you don’t lose any precious countertop space while the sink isn’t in use. The lid is also super easy to clean. Just hit it with a couple squirts of Windex and SPLAdow! It’s shiny and germ-free! 

The Dometic CE2000 Sink with Glass Lid does not come with a faucet, drain, or P-Trap, so you’ll need to add these items to complete your install. We’d also recommend some 3/4in Smooth-Bor FDA approved drain hose, stainless steel 1in hose clamps and a 3/4in barb for added ease of install.


  • SKU number 9103302405
  • Model CE2000
  • Model on label CE2000
  • US Item Name SK-1078019-01



  • Product depth 5.91 in.
  • Product width 16.02 in.
  • Net weight 9.70 lbs