Dometic CE99 2-Burner Cooktop Stove

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Gotta have 2 burners!

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Dometic CE99: all the comforts of home

When you’re on the road, your RV or camp trailer is home. You wouldn’t buy a single-burner stove for your house, so it doesn’t make sense for your RV. Step up to the Dometic CE99 2-Burner Cooktop  stove.

When it comes to space-saving appliances, Dometic’s engineers are the best in the business. At just 18-inches wide, the Dometic CE99 2-Burner Cooktop takes up barely more room than a laptop. The CE99 cooktop’s safety ignition makes it impossible to accidentally turn on the stove, so it’s safe to leave the kids alone in the RV. The 2-Burner cooktop’s double gas burners cook food quickly and efficiently. 

The easy-clean 2-burner cooktop

Cleanup is easy with the Dometic CE99. Stainless steel burner caps clean up quickly and easily. They won’t stain and tarnish like standard burner caps, so they can be polished to look like new no matter how long you’ve been using them. The 2-Burner Cooktop also comes with a detachable chrome pan, so even nasty messes can be dealt with in a hurry. 

The Dometic CE99 comes with recessed controls, so you won’t knock into them walking through a tight galley. When you aren’t using the cooktop, the whole thing (including the controls) disappears under a heat-resistant glass cover, so you don’t lose any counter space. A low-profile rubber seal keeps everything as flush as possible. 

For owners of even more space-challenged RVs, Dometic makes the 2-Burner Stove/Sink Combo. The Combo shares many same smart features with the Dometic CE99, but adds a sink. It fills out all your galley countertop needs in one 18-inch wide unit.


  • Integrated heat-resistant safety glass lid offers extra workspace
  • Detachable chrome pan supports for easy cleaning
  • Low profile rubber seal
  • Stainless steel burner caps
  • Safety ignition system
  • Recessed controls


1978 VW Type 2 Bus

1991 Alaskan Camper

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 in

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