Dometic Chrome Galley Faucet

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The Chrome Galley Faucet is a beautiful, reliable component from one of the biggest names in RV and camper outfitting. 

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The Dometic Chrome Galley Faucet is product number 9108686295 in Dometic’s extensive catalogue of mobile-living-industry products. It fits our requirements for dispensing the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere.

Folding Rv Faucet

Yes, that’s a fancy way of saying water, but this is a fancy way to fill up your Hydroflask before hitting the trail. The Chrome Galley Faucet from Dometic features a single control for fewer failure points, and 12-inch hoses for easy installation. The chrome finish gives your galley a sleek look that works with both vintage and contemporary applications. Speaking of applications, this folding faucet works great with the Dometic VA8005 Sink with Glass Lid, along with many other brands of RV sinks.

  • GALLEY FAUCET – Comes with a single control
  • FINISH – Chrome
  • HOSES – 12 inch hoses for easy installation
  • QUICK REPLACEMENT – Easy to install
  • The spigot measures about 7in in length (not girth)

Reparadise Installs:

1978 VW Vanagon

1991 Alaskan Camper