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Furrion Single Induction Cooktop


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Make your RV cooking experience the stuff of legends with the Furrion Single Induction Cooktop.

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Induction Cooktop Benefits

Nobody likes waiting around for the stove to heat up. Nobody likes waiting around for dinner to cook. The Jetsons just pressed a button and a hot meal popped out of a hole in the table. Our technology hasn’t caught up with ’60s cartoons yet, but the Furrion Single Induction Cooktop is one step closer.

Induction cooktops cook food much more quickly than conventional stoves. That’s because the induction cooktop cuts out the middleman. Instead of heating the stovetop, then heating the pa, an electromagnetic field below the glass cooktop surface transfers current directly to magnetic cookware. The induction cooktop also provides more precise temperature control than a conventional stove. It’s also safer because the cooktop never gets as hot as a conventional stovetop and it stops heating as soon as the pan is removed.

Induction Cooktop Safety Features

The Furrion Single Induction Cooktop comes with safety features that make your kitchen-away-from-home a much safer place for the whole family. An automatic shut-off feature turns off the cooktop when you forget to. A hot-surface indicator lets you know a burner is on before you touch it or set something on it. Finally, a child-lock makes it impossible to accidentally turn the burner on when you don’t mean to.

Other Features

The Furrion Single Induction Cooktop comes with other cool features, too. The digital LED display provides precise temperature information, and the 7-temperature control makes heat management easy. Vibrationsmart technology makes the Furrion Single induction Cooktop impervious to road vibration, no matter how rough it is. Climatesmart technology temperature-proofs the cooktop so you can leave your camper sitting outside in the heat of the summer or in winter’s freezing temperatures without worrying about whether your stove will still work the next time you go to use it.

Furrion Features

  • Digital LED display
  • 7-temperature control
  • Sensor touch control
  • Vibrationsmart™ technology
  • Climatesmart™construction