SAGA Lower Rear Cabinets

SAGA Lower Rear Cabinets


Large Cabinets for the rear of 170 Sprinter Vans, with ample storage room that works with our bed system.

These cabinets are designed for use in the 170in wheelbase VS30 Sprinter van. They fit over the wheel wells (single rear wheel, not dual) and in front of our SAGA rear cowlings.The inset-door design matches our SAGA Galley kit, provides clean lines, and is ideal for tight spaces. The driver-side cabinet is designed to house utilities; a wheel-well water tank (lower front cabinet), an electrical system, and Van Life Tech Heating system. But, you can outfit the cabinets as you please… this is just how we typically do it. On the Passenger side, two large cabinets provide plenty of storage. The bed height is ideal for a work surface, and allows room for larger gear like mountain bikes and boats underneath. We add the SAGA Bed Top to complete the package for this Sprinter Van Camper setup.

The cabinets are built using our cam-and dowel system and can be easily assembled in about 30min… check out the assembly vids at the bottom of the page. They also use all the nice features of our other cabinets; double lamination, Lite Ply construction, and low tolerance construction. If this sounds good to you, watch Brandon, best boss ever, explain the benefits of this bed system and why we chose it to start with it over Murphy style and other alternatives to the age old question, which Sprinter bed system is best Sprinter bed system:


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Driver-Side Cabinet Features:

  • Easy to remove cabinet door for utility service
  • No Floor, water tank is mounted flush with the steel sprinter floor
  • Will work in conjunction with Van Life Tech’s insulated flooring system
    • Before installing the cabinet, the water tank must be ‘sunk’ into the floor by cutting away Van Life Tech’s system in this area
    • This technique allows you for more spaced to be used for storage
  • Large storage area at the rear with no floor
    • Allows systems (water electrical) to pass through
    • If used with Van Life Tech floor system, there is a space for water storage tank in the large cabinet
  • 1” Neodymium magnets magnet
    • Keep cabinet doors closed
    • Prevent rattling
    • Low visual impact


Passenger-Side Cabinet Features:

  • Two large, customizable storage areas
  • Shelve over water tank
  • 1” Neodymium magnets magnet
    • Keep cabinet doors closed
    • Prevent rattling
    • Low visual impact


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Driver-side Assembly Vid:

Passenger-side Assembly Vid:

We ship these freight.

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