Redarc BCDC Solar Charger

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The job of charging your aux battery bank is priority. That’s true whether it’s a minimalist van or a mega overland unit with all the bells and whistles. With so many variables and options out there to charge auxiliary battery banks, we’ve found many people spending big $$$$ where there’s little gain. That’s where the Redarc BCDC Solar Charger steps in. It’s quickly become our go-to due its compact size, durability, and technology.

The Redarc DC to DC Battery Charger keeps your aux. bank topped with green priority. It will pull juice from the sun and supplement it with modern alternator power when the vehicle is running. It maximizes input from those sources, depending on which option is the best. It’s also a battery isolator. You won’t eff up your chassis/staring battery and end up stranded. If you tried to build a system using individual components with the features packed into a Redarc you’d quickly exceed the price of one of these units. Sprinkle in Redarc’s software and charge tech and take into consideration the labor to install all those components. It’s easy to see why we don’t build standalone systems that perform these functions anymore.

You can read about why the Redarc BCDC Solar Charger is our current favorite charge controller for vehicle-based camping setups at their website, or you can reach out to Reparadise’s team to talk about your ideal build, power requirements, and what it’ll all cost to get it up and running.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in

BCDC1250D, BCDC1240D