Road Shower Model 4 7-Gallon



Road Shower Model 4 7-Gallon Mobile Shower

At the end of a long day in the backcountry, the feeling of lukewarm water dribbling limply from a solar shower is about the best feeling in the world. Expectations plummet in camp. Imagine if that weak dribble was actually seven gallons of hot, pressurized water — an actual shower, just when a shower is the best thing in the world. It can be.

The Road Shower Model 4 7-Gallon mobile shower is made from powder-coated aluminum that’s designed to absorb the heat of the sun to provide a hot refreshing shower. Actually, the 7-gallon reservoir is enough for 3 showers. No need to worry about temperature — the Road Shower is equipped with an LCD thermometer with readouts in Fahrenheit or even Celsius (in case you’re from somewhere weird). Pressure is added through a standard Schrader air valve and can be pumped to 65 PSI — child’s play for any modern bike pump.

It’s time to camp grown-up style. We have the technology. Use it.

  • 3 hose clips & 2 Velcro straps secure the hose while driving
  • Sleek design made to look great on your vehicle
  • On/off valve makes it possible to remove hose while pressurized
  • Locking loop for security
  • 2 durable universal brackets mount to most racks
  • Hose connector to fill & pressurize from your garden hose
  • 2 gallons of built-in air space for pressurized air
  • 4-14 minutes of pressurized water depending on chosen output level