Roof Rack Road Shower 


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10 Gallon Road shower for camper rv trailer or van

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Roof Rack Road Shower 

At the end of a long day in the backcountry, the feeling of lukewarm water dribbling limply from a solar shower is about the best feeling in the world. Expectations plummet in camp. The mobile road shower turns a  weak dribble into seven gallons of hot, pressurized water , intern making it an actual shower, when a shower is the best thing in the world. It can be. The  Road Shower is a roof rack mounted pressurized water system solar heated for outdoor camping  adventures.

The portable Road Shower is made from powder-coated aluminum that’s designed to absorb the heat of the sun to provide a hot refreshing pressurized shower for all your outdoor adventures.  Actually, the 10-gallon reservoir is enough for 3 showers. The Road Shower LCD thermometer reads in Fahrenheit or Celsius.  The Schrader air valve pumps pressure  to 65 PSI.

Reparadise can custom install the roof mounted portable   road shower to your camper van or trailer. It’s like adding a plumbing to your vehicle rack with hot solar pressurized water for you outdoor camping and exploring adventures.

It’s time to camp grown-up style. We have the technology. Use it.

  • 3 hose clips & 2 Velcro straps secure the hose while driving
  • Sleek design made to look great on your vehicle
  • On/off valve makes  to remove hose while pressurized
  • Locking loop for security
  • 2 durable universal brackets mount to most racks
  • Hose connector to fill & pressurize from your garden hose
  • 2 gallons of built-in air space for pressurized air
  • 4-14 minutes of pressurized water depending on chosen output level
  • Roof mounted
  • Solar Heated
  • Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures
  • 7 Gallon and 10 Gallon available

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Road Shower

Road Shower, 10 Gallon