RV Drain Trap For Sink or Shower

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This drain trap takes up a third of the space of a traditional p-trap — perfect for the confined spaces found in all campers from vintage to modern van builds. We’ll use this trap for sink applications and for shower drains.

When used with sinks, we prefer the J. R. Products Strainer with Push-In Basket for it’s chrome finish and that simple yet effective push-in basket. If you pair this drain trap with the J. R. Products Shower Strainer W/Grid it becomes a space-saving team for any type of wet-bath in many camper designs and layouts. The small size is perfect for external, slide-out kitchens.

They say to use an external bucket or portable holding tank with these drain traps. But, we usually plumb them into a grey tank using Smooth-Bor drain hose and 3/4in barb fitting spun welded to the tank.

This RV Drain trap uses a standard 3/4MPT water hose connection and a 1-3/4in  standard strainer connection.

J. R. Products (J. R. stands for Journey Renew, btdubs. A family owned business since the ’70s)

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 4 in

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