S&B Filters Sprinter Van Fuel Tank

S&B Filters Sprinter Van Fuel Tank


Mercedes Benz went to great lengths to ensure their Sprinter Van is a benchmark for fuel economy numbers, which it does exceedingly well with. What they weren’t too concerned about, however, is usable range. Which, in a fully built-out Sprinter van conversion — like any of the ever popular Class B adventure vans based on this platform — turns into about 300 miles of usable range.

That’s not the greatest number… and, a good indicator of why Jerry cans are so prominent mounted to the backs, rears, and tops of Sprinter Vans. Thankfully, S&B Filters offers a line of replacement OEM-quality fuel tanks to double the usable range from 24 Gallons to 40-47 Gallons depending on model and year. That’s a huge improvement for anyone that plans on covering some serious ground with their Winnebago Revel, Storyteller, and other Sprinter-based adventure vans. We often put an S&B Tank in our SAGA Sprinter Van builds.

Check out what S&B has to say about their product:



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Plug and Play

Tanks mount in the stock location with an additional rear strap. The large capacity tank occupies the space forward and rearward of the original, and does not stick out anymore toward the driver side than the original tank. S&B Sprinter Van Fuel Tanks comes with all the components to remove the 24-gallon tank and replace it with the 47-gallon tank

Stock Fuel Gauge is Unaffected

From full to empty, you will always know how much fuel is in your tank — the stock fuel gauge will remain accurate thanks to S&B’s tank design.

D to the E, however, (distance to empty) is still calculated based on the stock fuel capacity so the numbers will be off by about half. For example, at 20mpg, a full 47 gallon tank will provide 940 miles to empty, but the vehicle will show you have 480 miles to empty.


Lifetime Warranty

Made out of 1/4in thick crosslink polyethylene, S&B tanks are built to last and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

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Contact Reparadise to schedule an install date. We prefer to have the van for the day. Install cost can range from $500-700 depending on make and model.


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