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SHURflo 24 oz. Accumulator pre-pressurized to 30 PSI

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To get up and pee in the middle of the night is human. To trigger your water pump and wake up the whole fam is asinine. The SHURflo 24-ounce pre-pressurized Accumulator is a simple solution to a complex and sometimes socially unacceptable problem.

The Accumulator stores water under pressure, so your water pump doesn’t fire up every time you use a little water. This has several benefits in addition to keeping things quiet at night. Fewer pump activations means you’re using less battery power. You won’t need to cycle your battery as often. Fewer pump activations also means your water pump will last longer. The accumulator also prevents pressure spikes, which can damage downstream components. For maximum system longevity, the SHURflo accumulator should always be used with a SHURflo water pressure regulator.

It may save your marriage. It will also extend the life of your water pump and save you some battery. The SHURflo 24-ounce Accumulator easily handles pressure requirements from 20 PSI to 125 PSI. That’s more than enough range to compensate for whatever wacky town you wind up in. 

  • Reduces Pump Cycling
  • Smooths Water Faucet Pulses
  • Pre-Pressurized to 30 PSI with Built-In Diaphragm
  • Supported for industrial and marine

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