SMOOTH BOR 3/4″ Water Hose

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Are you tired of water that tastes like chemicals when you’re on the road? Are you getting sick of poisoning your family with toxic chemicals and heavy metals every time you go on vacation? The Smooth Bor ¾-inch water hose solves these common problems in a jiffy. Life on the road adds demands that most stay-at-home products can’t meet. Manufacturers build just about every RV-specific product tougher, lighter, and more compact than their house-bound counterparts. The Smooth Bor® ¾-inch Drain Hose is a perfect example.


The interior walls of Smooth Bor RV Hose are perfectly smooth. This allows water to flow more efficiently through the hose and makes it easier to clean. The ¾-inch diameter allows a higher volume of water to pass through than industry-standard 5/8-inch hoses. Made from a blend of durable Polyethylene Copolymers, Smooth Bor Hose is tough, but it’s also easy to cut to the desired length. The lightweight design makes it easy to use and RV-friendly.


Smooth Bor hose is potable water-approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. Most regular garden hose doesn’t required to meet the IAPMO’s specifications. If that’s what you’re using, your family may be ingesting toxic chemicals and heavy metals. In addition to being harmful, the water that comes from non-potable water hoses often carries a chemical taste. Water from a Smooth Bor hose tastes as clean as the water from your sink at home.


The Smooth Bor hose ships in convenient 10-foot lengths. Smooth Bor designed this durable hose so that it could easily be cut to a shorter length with a sharp knife or razor blade, if desired. If you want to do it right, combine the J. R. Products Drain Trap with some of this 3/4in drain hose and collect your grey water with a holding tank.


  • Lightweight, durable polyethylene copolymers
  • Easy to cut
  • IAPMO listed
  • White over FDA aqua

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 in

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