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Renovating vintage campers at Reparadise starts with shared visions and ideas

If you’re interested in retaining our services, here’s some insight to the process. First up, we’ll need to share information. Once you contact us, we’ll send an invite to a Dropbox folder that’ll allow you to share any important documents like photos and scanned napkin drawings.

At this time we’ll also share an invite to a job-specific Smartsheet. With this project management software, we’ll seamlessly transfer information and develop an accurate estimate. Once the estimate is agreed on, it’ll become a Proposal of Services and we’ll enter a Contract of Services.

As a camper’s reduced to its chassis and rebuilt, the process is recorded with high-quality images — made instantly available to you through shared cloud storage. Most importantly, however, we track the restoration timeline and budget with our software. As Change Orders are encountered and payments are made, the build total and balance is updated and always available to you.

Typically canned-ham style trailers start at $25,000; while riveted, tend to begin around $65,000.