Serro Scotty Sportsman — SOLD

The modern interpretation of Serro Scotty’s Sportsman provides PT Cruisers with a take on the iconic teardrop. This 1960 Pennsylvania original, however, cleverly uses negative space under the frame to open up interior room – something the much larger and heavier present-day version forgoes.


The result is a five foot-five interior height, in a little trailer that’s only six and a half feet high. On the inside is a dinette with a two-burner stove top, sink, and ice chest. All are period correct and functioning. A powered vent fan is a welcome upgrade from the original. Also worth noting is a gas lantern and a new awning that perfectly matches this little trailer. At the front, is a table and seating that turns into a bed, and on the opposite end, a bench turns into another bed.

A recipient of a well performed, and recent restoration, this vintage Serro Scotty Sportsman wears a tasteful, non-glamorous grey exterior (re-skined about ten years ago) with a white and black interior. The upholstery is fresh, featuring new high quality five-inch foam and well-sealed windows throughout ensure the Sportsmas’s weather tight. For storage, there’s an included cover to protect from the elements. The axle, tires, and running lights are all in working order and ready for years of camping adventures

Weighing in around a thousand pounds and using a 1-7/8 coupler, this turn-key 1960s teardrop is ready to tow behind a hot rod, classic 1/2-ton pick-up, or modern crossover.


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