United Manufacturing Camper — SOLD

By the time Canned-Hams like Shasta, Terry, and Scotty reached peak production, the once great United Manufacturing unfortunately, and quite literally, went up in flames.

Hailing from Michigan, this 1948 United Manufacturing embodies the post Second World War camping experience. And, with production facilities once neighboring Detroit, it’s a safe bet mid-century United Manufacturing campers traveled throughout a prospering America behind Motown’s finest iron.

Of the available models in ’48, this vintage United camper features a distinctive floor plan on a 19-foot, single-axle chassis. Its undeniable Art Deco lines cry for a forties Lincoln Zephyr, Buick Super, or Studebaker Champion tow vehicle, and it will never be mistaken for another run-of-the-mill canned-ham or silver bullet.

Designated a Model 19, due to its body length (overall, with the coupler, it measures about twenty-three feet), this United Manufacturing has ample ground clearance that’s ideal for the rutted secondary roads of a growing and sprawling heartland. Today it’ll offer piece-of-mind when navigating drainage ditches when entering parking lots or steep driveways.

Equally destined for a period-correct restoration that’ll appeal to classic car collectors, or a family looking to stand out among RV monotony, or a business looking to generate foot traffic, this distinctive and spacious vintage camper with a two-door layout is waiting for rejuvenation

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