Wake up and roll over to Reparadise for a cars-and-coffee weekend morning event. Our builders and installers will be available to answer the deep vanlife Q’s, and get techy with the products and methods we use in our own shop — and invite anyone with a cool camper van to bring it down and share what they did.



This is a perfect opportunity to walk through current projects in the shop and see a variety of products and layouts in #real-life vans (get outside, ya Instahams).

Unfortunately, eeer fortunately  …depending on how you feel… we don’t have a tarbuckets in the hood. Luckily, our badass carpenter Molly Harding is now co-owner of local coffee venture Wild Mountain Roasters. To celebrate, we’re encouraging those with functioning van builds to brew their own at Reparadise, and complimentary 2oz-coffee samples will be provided…. as the saying goes, ”Every good adVANture starts with coffee.” (for those without a way to brew, we’ll have some air pots on hand)

Can’t make it? get your buzzz with 10% off online coffee orders at Wild Mountain Roasters with the discount code VANLIFE.

Speaking of the hook, Reparadise will be offering discounted pricing on in-stock items and pre-orders — for one day only.

Limited stock of products ready for local pick up:

OWL VANS, FIAMMA, RoadShower, ZAMP, Lion Energy, Tern Overland, 3M thinsulate, ARB, Agile Off Road, Isotherm and more!

(🥷 Looking for something off menu? Ask. We’ve got the connect!).

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In addition to saving vintage campers, we specialize in van up-fitting and conversions. From expanding solar arrays and battery capacities to suspension improvements and replacement, Reparadise provides you with the knowledge and information needed to make the best modifications to your recreation vehicle in Salt Lake City, Ut.



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