When Airstream was busy transitioning operations from California to Ohio and antique automobiles were considered classics, one of those classics, a Model T, found its way into the hands of Steve Zinninger and kicked off a life-long passion for vintage craftsmanship.

During that time, Steve became the owner of a national commercial/industrial painting company that required extensive traveling. Despite the miles, a growing family quickly piqued a new interest — historic houses. Tastefully melding modern convenience with retro sensibilities became a driving force in his home restorations.

Houses. Automobiles. Traveling. Kinda, makes sense that the allure of yesteryears’ Airstreams soon found a new devote. That passion has been passed on to Brandon, Steve’s son, and the president of CRP. With their combined years of experience, attention to detail, and love of quality workmanship, this team is uniquely positioned to advise and serve clients considering vintage camper projects from full restorations to appealing updates.