Another Outdoors RV Solar Upgrade

Jun 6, 2022

We’ve installed a few upgraded off grid electrical systems in Outdoors RVs over the years. Two of these have been significant enough to produce short videos for, and the latest one… while worthy of some video content, we just didn’t have the time to pull it off. So here I am writing about it and posting some images of the install.

  • Outdoors RV off Grid Solar
  • Outdoors RV off Grid Solar
  • RV Solar Upgrade
  • Off Grid RV Battery bank

Like the other installs, we used Zamp solar panels to capture energy from the sun, and Victron components to harness that energy. For storage, we went with four lithium Ion batteries. If you’re dying for some video content — here’s both of our previous Outdoors RV solar Installs, one with nearly 1000 watts of solar for impressive off grid power:

The Outdoors RV campers are a great platform to expand on, and if you’re considering one and want a trusted installer to take its adequate electrical system to the next level — Reparadise is your place.

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