Building Campers Takes Time
August 23, 2015

Hard to belive it’s been six months since our last post… time sure flies. Especially given the buzz of summer bringing on camper restorations. In fact, since the Bell Adventure Rig rolled out from underneath our heavy overhead doors — along with its fraternal twin, a 1971 Shasta Compact — we’ve finished four other trailers; two Airstreams, and two canned hams (one of which is a food trailer).

Within that time period, we’ve also started an Instagram account to give a day-to-day look into Reparadise activities. But, let’s backup to that little Shasta Compact for a moment. This trailer was a full rebuild just like the Bell… unfortunately the drive with completed photos went missing, this is what we have to share:

Completed on the same day as the Bell, when these trailers set out on the open road it was an eventful evening for our workshop to say the least. While the Bell has remained local, the Compact headed for the colorful northeast where it now serves as a mobile command unit for Kevin and Erin O’malie of Circus Yoga.

Before a big trek across the country, however, the little Shasta Compact checked some westerly destinations of its bucket list. While on that trip, the little Compact unexpectedly crossed our paths again headed over Soldier Summit. After dedicating many hours into a build, it’s extra special seeing one on the road.

Currently Reparadise is putting the finishing touches on a ’70s Boler and a ’60s canned ham Mobile Scout, with two extensive Airstream restorations under the knife. One is an exceedingly rare ‘50s Cruisette and the other is an ’80s Overlander. Follow these builds on either Face Book or Instagram, and keep a hungry eye out for the Yve & LaRue Creperie vintage food trailer.

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