1964 Airstream Sovereign For Sale

At sixty years old, this Airstream Sovereign’s probably seen some sh!t. And, judging by the tufted diamond treatment on the walls, it’s seen some questionable modifications over those years. Thankfully, this Sovereign’s landed at Reparadise, where Airstream restoration and modification results in timeless, usable designs. At 27 feet long, this is a large unit. Perfect for a spacious mother-in-law, backyard Airbnb, homestead, or place of business. Of course, before any of that happens, this vintage Airstream will need a full restoration.


This means pulling the shell to address chassis rust (it’s there, you just can’t see it due to the belly pan — just like 99.9% of all vintage Airstreams that haven’t been restored) and subfloor rot. Easily a $40,000 bill right there. If you’re wondering what one of our full Airstream restorations run, well… it can easily fall in the $150-250k range. If that’s a big pill to swallow, we can tackle smaller portions, or you can just take the unit as is and get started with an epic project.

Here’s Dan giving a quick tour of the unit:

Iconic Airstream, ready for your design

The interior skipped town sometime in the last decade when a previous owner dived head first into this vintage Airstream Sovereign. That’s a good start, but the interior skin and insulation will need to be pulled and replaced. it’s a dirty job. And, that’s just the start of what this unit will need. But, that’s the beauty of it. This one’s a blank slate, ready to rise from its dormant state and get back to hosting family fun and making happy memories.



If you’re ready to take this vintage Airstream Sovereign on a new journey, drop us a line at 1-801-972-5211, or send an email inquiry.



Make: Airstream
Model: Sovereign
Year: 1964
External Dimensions: 27 feet
Title: In Hand
Ask: $9,999 or best offer
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