2018 Airstream Flying Cloud

We’ve been restoring vintage Airstreams for close to 10 years, now. The ones that get the most attention are the big dual-axles from the ‘40s and ‘50s. When you see a really nice one, we can pretty much guarantee that a lot of 21st technology has gone into making that ‘original’ 70-year-old trailer as nice as it looks. All the spit-shinin’ in the world can’t make crappy old technology work like modern technology.

That brings us to our 2018 Flying Cloud. It’s important to point out right from the get-go that this thing is bone-stock. Even without the flashy little details that we use to spice up our custom builds, this is a very, very nice trailer. This is a trailer you could very comfortably call home. Airstream has stayed on top of the needs of the modern traveler, and it shows.

At 27 feet, this Flying Cloud falls in the middle of the range. It’s a double-axle model and it sleeps 6. Starting from the front of the trailer you’ll find a master bedroom, bathroom (toilet, sink, storage), a stand-up/sit-down shower, large closet, galley, and lounge/secondary bedroom.

Master bedroom

At the front of the trailer, you’ll find a full master featuring a standard queen-size bed with comfy memory foam mattress. Flanking the bed on both sides are nightstands complete with cabinets and dual 110-volt outlets. Each side of the bed also features a pop-out screened window with an emergency quick-release ejector latch.

Six dimmable overhead LEDs let you set the mood and directional HVAC vents keep the temps right without dumping hot or cold in your face when you’re trying to sleep. At the foot of the bed, a combo coax cable/HDMI port feeds a 21-inch Samsung flatscreen. Finally, a wall-mounted smoke alarm keeps things safe after hours.

  Standard queen bed with memory foam mattress

  Dual nightstands with 110-volt double outlets

  Digital thermostat

  Pop-out windows with screens + emergency release

  21-inch TV, coax cable / HDMI / 110-volt double outlet

  6 dimmable overhead LEDs

  Directional HVAC outlets

  Smoke alarm


Moving toward the back of the trailer, the first door you come across on the left is the toilet. It’s actually a half-bath with a sink and lots of cabinet space. There are racks for bath towels as well as a hand towel. The large mirror above the sink opens to reveal anther large cabinet. Airstream also equipped the half-bath with a dual 110-volt outlet and a wall-mounted soap dispenser.

  Single sink

  Large mirror and medicine cabinet

  Several cabinets

  Bath and hand towel racks

  Double 110-volt outlet

  Wall-mounted soap dispenser


Across the hall, you’ll find a stand-up shower. It’s equipped with a remote shower head and a large soap / shampoo / conditioner tray.

  Remote head

  Large soap tray


Past the shower, also on the right, you’ll find a large closet. This is the main storage area for clothing. It features several shelves and a hanger area.

  Several shelves

  Clothes hanging area


Next, we come to the galley. It features a 3-burner Furrion gas cooktop and oven. Above the cooktop you’ll find a Baraldi cooking vent. The large, single sink features a Delta faucet. There’s also a built-in microwave and a large refrigerator freezer. The galley features tons of drawer and cabinet space, complete with a pull-out pantry. Above the sink, you’ll find a digital water tank monitor and an inverter switch. Airstream included a double 110-volt outlet for additional appliances. Dimmable LEDs provide plenty of light for cooking, and directional ceiling-mounted HVAC vents keep things comfortable.

  3-burner Furrion cooktop with Baraldi overhead fan

  Gas oven

  Large overhead cabinets

  Lots of drawer space

  Double 120 outlet

  Digital tank monitor

  Inverter switch

  4 dimmable LEDs

  Directional HVAC vents

  Large skylight

  Large single sink

  Large refrigerator / freezer with overhead cabinet


At the front of the trailer, you’ll find a large area with seating that folds out to sleep four more guests. Huge pop-out screen windows with shades surround the lounge. A Clarion sound system gets booties shaking, and more dimmable LEDs provide lighting after hours. A four-place folding table accommodates diners and a 21-inch Samsung flatscreen with DVD player provides entertainment. Huge cabinets above the table are flanked by directional LEDs and directional HVAC vents.

  Huge pop-out windows with screens all around with shades

  Clarion sound system

  2 Dimmable Directional LEDs

  5 Dimmable LEDs

  Directional HVAC vents

  4-place folding table

  21-inch Samsung flatscreen

  Double 120 outlet

  DVD player

  Large overhead cabinets

The Flying Cloud’s exterior features LED lighting all around. A huge awning folds out off the starboard side. A the front of the trailer, you’ll find a tongue rated to 4000 pounds. At the rear, there’s a bike rack that will accommodate two bikes. On the port side, you’ll find hookups for power, cable, water, and shower.

  Huge awning

  LED lighting

  Double bike rack (rear)

  Power, cable, water, shower hookups

  4000 lb. tongue



To view this 2018 Airstream Flying Cloud and other campers, vans and trailers currently for sale, please set up an appointment with Repairadise at (801) 972-5211.

Make: Airsteam
Model: Flying Cloud
Year: 2018
External Dimensions:
Title: in hand
Ask: $91,999
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