2018 Lance 1685 A/T 4-Season Conversion **SOLD**
<p>**SOLD** This Lance Got Away… but if you’re interested in adding these modifications to another unit, feel free to contact us about the Reparadise customization process.</p> <p>Lightly used, yet tastefully upgraded and modified by our retired lead carpenter, this 2018 Lance 1685 Camper experienced a shakedown that included a seven-month bucket list tour of the National Parks.</p> <p>When given a diagnoses of ALS, Bryan hung up his shop apron and set out to customize the 21-foot (overall) camper for an epic trip covering over 25 national parks – before the loss of mobility and independence could settle in. Yeah, ALS sucks… now, at a point where he can no longer drive and use the camper, the Lance needs to move on to another owner who will use it and care for it as well as Bryan.</p> <p>Here’s the manufactures website for more information on the Lance 1685:</p> <p>https://www.lancecamper.com/travel-trailers/1685/</p>
<p>Under the walk-through video, is a list of upgrades performed by Reparadise and Bryan; and further down are the factory options specified by during purchase.</p> <p>This is a four season model, heavily optioned from the factory, then upgraded even further by the team at Reparadise.</p> <p>Upgrades by Reparadise:<br /> After market wheels and tires<br /> 3in Lift Kit<br /> Aftermarket stereo speakers by Reparadise<br /> Custom Vinyl Wrap, with a five-year warranty<br /> Cell Phone/wifi Booster<br /> 2in Receiver Hitch Bumper<br /> Custom painted interior<br /> Gas-assist table support<br /> Black Walnut Table Top, made by Bryan<br /> Optional factory equipment:</p> <p>Powered Awning with LED lighting<br /> Awning Slide-out Cover<br /> Electric Stabilizer Jacks<br /> Electric Tongue Jack<br /> Key Pad Door Lock, with Remote<br /> Ladder<br /> Lift Kit (2-5/8 Inch)<br /> Pull-out Storage Tray<br /> Spare Tire<br /> Tri-Five Propane Tank<br /> Fantastic Roof Vent<br /> Solar Panel – 100 Watt, with 40 Watt Goal Zero Suitcase<br /> TV LED 28 Inch 12 Volt<br /> 3-Burner High Output Range W/Oven<br /> All Weather Package (4 Season Conversion)<br /> As stated above, this camper spent the last seven months on the road with Bryan… which means, all the bugs are worked out — to the standards of someone who’s made a career out of building high-end Airstreams.</p>
Chasis & Floor
<p>Contact us with additional Questions or to arrange a viewing:</p> <p>Inquiry@campereparadise.com or call (801) 972-5211</p>
Make: Lance
Model: Lance
Year: 1685
External Dimensions: 21’l x 8.5’w x 10.1’h
Title: Clean, in hand
Ask: **SOLD**