’58 Silver Streak **SOLD**
<p>This ‘50s Silver Streak Clipper retains it’s original overhead lockers, galley, and heater. Other than that, the interior is gutted and a blank slate. These are built in the same style and quality as the omni-present Airstream and are high quality trailers.</p> <p>The exterior shows expected wear and tear for a trailer of this vintage. And, has one large dented rear quarter panel… luckily it’s not a compound curve panel that’s much more difficult to replicate and replace.</p> <p>Electrical and plumbing has not been tested for working condition.</p> <p>It’s sitting on brand new tires and ready to hit the road to it’s new home.</p>
<p>* Original lights, including the Sconces, but some are damaged<br /> * Original aluminum overhead lockers<br /> * Original Galley with Princess stove<br /> * Some windows are missing hardware, (parts are still available at vintage trailer supply) and one exterior window frame is damaged<br /> * Rear bathroom was removed<br /> * Original heater</p>
Chassis & Floor
<p>Contact us at Inquiry@campereparadise.com or call (801) 972-5211 to arrange a viewing</p>
Make: Silver Streak
Model: Clipper
Year: 1958
External Dimensions: 24l x 7’6”w x h
Title: Clean, in hand
Ask: **SOLD**