Double Hinge External Rapid Display System

Oct 16, 2019

When Prive Revaux contacted us about building a mobile sunglasses store based on a Sprinter Van — they required an external display that could quickly and efficiently be deployed and stowed… this, however, created plenty of problems. Initial design constraints limited ingress and egress to the van, and blocked the cab from the rear coach when stored. After plenty of prototyping and concepts, you can see resulting “DHERDS” solution in action below. This is the perfect weapon for a guerrilla marketing campaign. Pull up to a high-traffic area, swing out the display, and put your product in front of people.

The display is fully self supported, and does not need any more setup other than securing a couple latches. It literally takes seconds to deploy and stow. If you’ve got a product other than glasses, we can retrofit this display hold anything that’d fit within its dimensions and attach it to any sliding-door cargo van — like a Ford Transit or Ram Promaster. We can visualize this display used as mountain bike/moto support vehicle, loaded with tools and product. Or, a mobile flower/succulent shop. Or, mobile jewelry store… the options are only limited to its 11in width.

If you have a use for this display in your industry, let’s connect. Of course, there’s much more to this Mobile Sunglasses Sprinter Van build than just the Double Hinge External Rapid Display System… you can read about the full build here.

Custom Sprinter van

Mobile Glasses display colsed

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