EarthRoamer Electrical Upgrade

Nov 17, 2022

EarthRoamer established the luxury off-road camper market nearly twenty years ago, and continues to be a benchmark for top-level Overland vehicles. Naturally, their once high-tech electrical systems are now becoming tired and outdated.

At this point, it’s beneficial to upgrade from what was available component wise in thoseā€¦ er, dark ages. This EarthRoamer’s PO decided to ditch the AGM batteries to Lithium batteries. But, the execution wasn’t up to our electrical teams expectations. It lacked many supporting components to get the best out the new, modern batteries. To address those issues, the current owner enlisted Reparadise.

We added Victron Lithium specific DC-to-DC charge controllers, a Cerbo GX, Touch 50 Screen, and a MultiPlus Inverter/Charger kit, and updated wiring to 4/0 Cables. Now this system charges quickly and safely off the original aux alternator, solar panels, and shore power inlet. Now this unit is ready to roam for an other decade.

If you’re looking to upgrade an EarthRoamer Electrical System, contact Reparadise today.

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