Feature Business – Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development
December 31, 2018

Recognized by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development as their prestigious “Business of the Month”, after years of hard work, it’s rewarding to rub elbows with household-name titans like Kuhl, Skull Candy, Browning, Backcountry.com and more…

Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development website promoting our hard work.

When you start looking at stats and the importance that outdoor recreation has to do with the health of Utah’s economy AND the health of the individuals who live here, it is easy to be impressed.

  • 54 million acres of public land
  • 5 National Parks
  • 43 State Parks
  • 14 ski resorts
  • Bike and hiking trails
  • Over 110,000 Utahns work in outdoor recreation-related jobs
  • $12B contributed to the state’s economy last year
One our many Vintage Airstream restoration projects out in the wild.

So what makes us stand out when there is so much big stuff happening? We think our boss has said it best:

“Utah has 203,468 small businesses, so being spotlighted as Utah’s Business of the Month feels a little like winning the lottery. Shout-out to everyone that helps make Reparadise a unique and fun place to work. Together we have become an award-winning company that designs and builds bad-ass stuff!” –

Brandon Zinneger, president and visionary of Camper Reparadise

Brandon Zinneger, president and visionary of Camper Reparadise

Reparadise Stats:

2013: 2.5 Employees, 5000 sq. ft. building in Popular Grove

2018: 14 Employees, 10,000 sq. ft. building in West Valley City

34 Camper jobs in 2016 ranging from $1,376 to $124,376

49 camper jobs in 2017 ranging from $67 to $160,347

69 unique camper jobs in 2018 ranging from $538 to $229,000

Employee Skill Sets: Metal Fabrication, Finish Carpentry, Aluminum Polish, Engineering, Photography, Dog Wrangling, Artist, Positive Attitudes, Organization, Problem Solving, Working Hard and Playing Harder

A walk through of the shop before any end-of-day clean up… we’ve already changed things quite a bit from when this was filmed.

Fun facts:

  • We were told repeatedly by different sources that restoring campers is not a viable business model
  • The City of Salt Lake would not grant us a business license, even after spending thousands of dollars on lawyer fees and meeting their building requirements (lighting, signage, parking, ext)… so we moved to West Valley City, where getting a business license was a breeze
  • We’ve shipped finished products around the world, including Hawaii and Dubai
  • Brandon has started four business with varying success in his lifetime; ranging from a hot-dog cart in Baltimore to a hostel in the Czech Republic – with Reparadise being the most successful venture yet

The name Reparadise comes from Daniel Hall‘s time at Scott Miller Auto Body, a small automotive body shop in Upstate NY where the slogan, “Another Day in Paradise” is proudly stated by Scott Miller, himself. Daniel always liked Scotty’s attitude towards work and the term Reparadise naturally came to him when thinking about an ideal place to save and rebuild forgotten campers.

Going forward into 2019, Reparadise will continue to dial in the shop with efficiency gains from vendor managed inventory and new tooling. We’re also working on a few new products in the trailer/camper market that represents our skills and vision.

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