Full Frontal Friday — Sprinter Van Upgrades

Feb 11, 2022

At any moment, there’s a variety of Sprinter Van Campers at Reparadise. From Winnebago Revels, to DYI Sprinter Campers, to the latest from builders like Storyteller — we’re constantly upgrading suspension systems, adding accessories, and performing maintenance on items like Espar heaters.

In this video segment, FULL FRONTAL FRIDAY, Dan shows us why some LED off-road lights, like the Code 4 Monster 7in, cost $300 each while the Baja Designs LP6 run $600 each.

We also check out a couple CAtuned Off Road‘s Sprinter Van front bumpers and accessories like synthetic lines and winch fairleads used on these camper vans. The CAtuned front bumpers are mounted on a second gen, NCV3 Winnebago Revel and the other is mounted on a third Gen VS30 Sprinter Van we’re building with SAGA Cabinetry.

We also take a look at a heavy-duty Backwoods Sprinter Van front bumper we installed with LED lights and a Warn Winch. This bumper provides significantly more coverage and adds a chiseled look to the Sprinters front end. The thick aluminum construction is durable, yet much lighter then a steel counter part — important to keep the Sprinter Van’s GVWR in check. Wrapping up the video is a look at the Aluminess Sprinter Van Off Road front bumper. It’s less aggressive then the Backwoods Sprinter Bumper, with tubular components that have less visual mass. Like the Backwoods, the Aluminess bumper is constructed from Aluminum, and provides full coverage.

All these Sprinter Van off road front bumpers have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We tend to keep a CAtuned front bumper in stock, but often special order them to a clients specification. For other options from Aluminess and Backwoods we special order them, rather then keep in stock. Lead times for these bumpers can vary, usually we see them in three to six weeks. Contact us if you have further questions on Sprinter Van front bumpers — or, want to setup an installation appointment at our Salt Lake City shop.

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