Keeping Food and Beverages Cold in Your Camper Van or RV
June 18, 2019

Staying Cool on the Road

It’s nearly the summer solstice and the heat of June is upon us, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying food and a cold beverage outdoors. Reparadise has installed fridges and cooling units to a myriad of campers, trailers and RV’s. This is not only a great comfort of your adventure vehicle but a necessity for cooking healthy and fresh food to share. Gone are the days of constant ice runs to make sure the drinks stay cold; you’ll be able to live on the road with a whole new sense of self-sustainability.


What kind of Refrigeration Systems does Reparadise install?

The determining factor of what type and style of unit generally boil down to space. Here at Reparadise we have wired and installed everything from small console coolers to large fridge and freezer kitchens. Changing the game for the way people look at cooking and eating in the outdoors.


Here is some of our favorite gear to keep it cool:

Isotherm CRUISE 130 


This is a model that we have used numerous times for its convenient size and performance to keep your perishables fresh. This is a 4.6 cubic foot unit and sports a 2-inch-thick door for the dog days of summer. It is built to be functional for road trips and highly efficient as to not run your battery down leaving you stranded. Furthermore, this fridge is silent, making sleeping next to it much more enjoyable than other models. The Isotherm CRUISE 130 also is equipped with a 6 Liter freezer that gives you more freedom for dinner options while you’re living life on the road.



Powering Your Mobile Fridge with Genesis Off-Road Power Systems

There are a few ways to keep the juice flowing through your mobile refrigerator. Our favorite option is solar combined with an auxiliary battery, but there are other options as well. Reparadise is an official dealer of Genesis Off-Road and installs 12V units for coolers and refrigerators in almost any vehicle. If Genesis doesn’t have a kit for your vehicle, our shop will create and install a custom 12V kit for your power needs. 


Eat and drink in comfort, no matter where you are.

Being able to enjoy fresh food and cold beverages will change the road-life game for you. No need to worry about a cooler full of lukewarm water to spoil your food anymore. Whether you’re looking at building a camper van from scratch or up-fitting your current vehicle, the convenience of keeping your food cold will be a welcomed treat when the sun is high in the sky.


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