Lance Off-Grid Camper

Jun 3, 2022

The Latest Lance camper to roll into Reparadise received an extensive electrical overhaul, making it a capable off grid camper. Chance, in the video reel below, gives a quick tour of what went into this build — so the client can run the AC unit or microwave away from shore power. Good by stinky generator and messy fuel tanks!

This Lance Camper Off Grid electrical upgrade uses two 200ah LifeBlue batteries, four Zamp Obsidian 100watt solar panels (in addition to the stock 170 watt panel, for 570 watts total), and a Victron Multiplus inverter/charge to accomplish this. Our electrical team uses Hexply to mount these components to, and packed them efficiently inside a luggage compartment to keep the installations space impact to a minimum.

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