Le Diable Rouge
May 5, 2014

Airstreams and bicycles have a long-standing relationship, dating to when Alfred Latourneau used one to pull a ’47 Caravan. Which, given his achievements (piloting a Schwinn over 100mph, chiefly) and the low weight of an all-aluminum trailer, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

None the less, this image of Latourneau, or le Diable Rouge to fans and friends, towing an Airstream solidified the lightness of these trailers and kicked off an iconic advertising campaign. In the spirit of the Red Devil, and it officially being the 58th bicycle month (yes, it actually dates to ’56), this Wednesday we plan on locking up the shop at 7:30 for a mellow out-and-back ride along the Jordan River Parkway.

We’ll hang up tools at five, and invite people to cycle, drive, or fly down to 1135w. 300s and checkout vintage trailers, pedal-powered two-wheelers, and maybe, if we’re lucky, an airship.

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