Luxury 4×4 Sprinter Van

Mar 16, 2022

After dabbling in the world of class-c motor homes, and experiencing their typical short comings, this client looked to Reparadise to build a 4×4 Sprinter Van to their exacting design — down to vacuum cleaner placement. The end result is a luxury 4×4 Sprinter Van with the interior finish of our Airstream Builds.

Hardwood balanced with opulent textiles, polished surfaces, and ambient lighting removes this Sprinter Van from the run-of-the-mill van lifer, and turn a nose up to the ever-present fake materials used in modern luxury recreation vehicles. But, hidden beneath the pleasing colors, textures, and tech, lies all the gear for the modern outdoor enthusiast — that likes to get dirty. Mountain bike storage is secure, as is the skis, and even the dog gear gets a cool hidden compartment.


We’re not only proud of this awesome build — the video content from our in-house team is top-notch as well — we are pumped to share the longest length Reparadise Video to date…. almost 40min, hot damn! We’ll see if you’re engaged from analytics. Please comment and give us feedback. 👋👋👋


Here’s what went into this Sprinter Van Camper Build:

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