As we continue to ramp up our off-road and overland-specific operations, we’re psyched to report that we’ve partnered up with Owl Van Engineering. These guys build a ton of cool Sprinter and Ford Transit components and accessories. These include ladders, tire carriers, cargo boxes, roof racks, and more. Even cooler—they build a lot of this stuff out of aluminum, so it’s lightweight.

We recently installed an Owl Vans Tire Carrier on a customer’s Sprinter. The design is relatively simple, so installation was easy. The welds are beautiful and the finish is top-notch. We expect this component to last longer than the van.

Other components, like the combination Ladder + Tire Carrier, aren’t quite as simple as the basic tire carrier. Owl uses steel at the hinges and stressed points because it has a much higher fatigue limit than aluminum. Super-cool details abound, like the motorcycle pegs that make it easy to climb around the tire, the center-mount tire carrier, and the adjustable attachment point that allows for different-size wheels and tires.

To learn more about Owl Vans and what their overland-specific products can do for your off-road and camp experience, stop by Reparadise or give us a call at (801) 972-5211

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