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May 24, 2019

Ford Econoline Camper Vans

How we got started:

Way back in 2013 we replaced the canvas and re-skinned the top on a mid ’80s Chevy Astro with a Tiger Camper. This was the first van we worked on. Following that a ’90s Westfalia VW came in for a canvas replacement that we executed to backcountry perfection.

Since then, “hashtag van life” exploded into mainstream society, bringing a steady stream of van up-fitting, modifications and repairs that continue to roll through our shopOne of the most common and cost effective vans we see is the Ford Econoline. They are a fitting canvas for our crew at Reparadise to produce the unbridled van innovations we excel at.  

Our team at Reparadise is well versed in up-fitting camper vans. These Ford Econoline builds have been just a few of the adventure campers to come out of the shop. We have the craftsmanship and creativity to bring your van project to fruition. 

2014 Econoline 4×4:

Originally built by Morehead Design Labs, we’ve preformed multiple upgrades and maintenance to this large and in charge blue oval. The van sees duty all winter long chasing the powder storms from UT to CO and MT to WY. Serving as a full-time residence for its owner in the harshest winter conditions, this upfitted Econoline is a comfortable and mobile shelter from the storm. 

Upgrades by Reparadise:

  • Refreshed electrical systems and increased wire and ground capacity
  • Back up camera,
  • Electronic Control Unit (ECU) tune to increase performance
  • Diagnosed and repaired a faulty evap hose from previous installer
  • Interior upgrades and repairs
  • Installed a fresh set of BFG T/A KO2 tires (Reparadise is an authorized Tire Rack dealer)
  • New AMG battery bank and Redarc DC to DC Charge controller (see below)



Why the Redarc DC to DC charger:

DC-to-DC battery charger draws power from your vehicle to provide power to an auxiliary battery on your trailer or RV

DC-DC battery charger

Benefits of DC-to-DC Battery Chargers

  • Dual-input device can pull power from 2 sources, solar and start battery
  • Multi-stage charging algorithm ensures a complete charge on secondary battery without overcharging
  • Boost stage – provides a constant charge while monitoring auxiliary battery voltage
  • Absorption stage – keeps voltage stable to avoid overcharging while bringing battery up to 100-percent charge
  • Float stage – maintains charge on auxiliary battery
  • Solar power capable – solar panels sold separately
  • Charger automatically draws power from panels before tapping into vehicle battery
  • Built-in MPPT regulator ensures most efficient power transfer possible in all conditions
  • Fault recognition technology prevents damage to batteries from voltage spikes, overheating, and reverse polarity connection
  • Battery isolator function prevents charger from pulling power from start battery when vehicle is off


2015 Ford Econoline 4×4 Sportsmobile

This Ford Van build features a custom galley, housing a Goal Zero YetiA power center that’s charged by both the engine and solar panels. On top of that, a large monitor stows to one side and swings out for rear passenger or outdoor entertainment. Custom maple carpentry compliments the stainless steel, full-service kitchen beautifully.

Econoline 4x4 custom interior biuld


  • Chassis-Mounted Propane Tank
  • Custom Maple Galley
  • Dometic Stove/Sink
  • Propex heater
  • Fiamia Awning





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