RIP Loki

Sep 3, 2021

From the very early days of Reparadise, Loki joined the pack and quickly established himself as a leader of the bad dogs (you know, the ones who pee on stuff, dumpster dive, roll in gross stuff, bark at the wrong time… at the wrong person, and wrestle recklessly).

Always down for a game of fetch or scoring some quick grub from the neighbors — Loki brought high energy to the team. That energy lasted well into his golden years, impressively tiring out younger pups and constantly keeping best bud, Evan, on his toes — one can only hope to have that drive at a comparable age. When working under a chassis with rust and dirt falling into your eyes, Loki would be sure to show up and stick his face in your face, providing a slobbery break from the daily grind.

Loki passed on Thursday, after living a life full of adventure. He leaves behind his brindle mark on Reparadise, and in the next generation of the shop’s four legged knuckle-heads, a good, bad-dog attitude.


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